of the Russian Imperial Union-Order (RIU-O)

(A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation)


  §1. Prior to its incorporation under the laws of the State of New Jersey, the Russian Imperial Union-Order (âRIU-Oă) was originally founded by Russian emigres in Paris, France in 1929.

 RIU-O is a nonprofit corporation whose principal activities are (1) educational and cultural, (2) religious and (3) humanitarian. With respect to educational activities, the RIU-O, through its membership, supports and engages in historical research about Imperial Russia. With respect to cultural activities, the RIU-O supports and engages in various activities aimed in preserving and safeguarding the cultural and ecclesiastical patrimony of Imperial Russia, including, but not limited to, rare books, letters, manuscripts, archives, photographs and the recorded memories of people who were alive in that era. With respect to religious activities, the RIU-O strives to develop and promote programs of religious education for members of the Russian orthodox Church,e specially the very young (preschool), school age children and young adults. With respect to humanitarian efforts, the RIU-O, through its contacts with parish schools and other educational institutions, strives to assist in providing foodstuffs, clothing, medicine and monetary aid, principally to children.

§2. RIU-O acts according to these by-laws and according to decisions
of its Board of Directors ("Supreme Council") and empowered officials.

§3. The RIU-O maintains close ties and cooperation with the Russian Orthodox Church, whose dogma and doctrines guide and inform the activities of the RIU-O.

§4. RIU-O believes that, at the present time, the Head of the Russian Imperial House, according to the Law of Succession of 1797 and the Fundamental State Laws of the Russian Empire on the Succession to the Throne (revised through 1886 and 1911) is Her Imperial Highness the Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna of Russia. Her Heir is His Imperial Highness the Grand Duke Georgij Mikhailovich of Russia. Accordingly, the RIU-O has pledged itself to advise and assist in whatever way it can the efforts of the Grand Duchess and Her heir to preserve and safeguard the cultural and ecclesiastical patrimony of Russia for the period prior to 1917.

§5. Official attributes of RIU-O are its Banner, Emblem and Mottoes.

§6. The Banner of RIU-O was created in 1934 by decree of the Supreme
Council; it consists of a silk white cloth on one side of which is the
icon of St. Sergius of Radonezh, with the words "We are Russian, God is
with us!" embroidered above; on the other side is the Russian tricolored
(white, blue and red) flag with the words "Russian Imperial Union"
embroidered on each stripe.  In the four corners are two-headed eagles
of the Peter the Great era.

§7. The Emblem of RIU-O consists of a shield, with Russian tricolored,
white, blue and red, stripes on diagonal, from the left lower corner to
the right upper corner; over these stripes is a two-headed eagle of the
Peter the Great era, with uplifted wings.  On the breast of the eagle is
a shield with an   icon of  St. George piercing the dragon;   in its
right claw the eagle is holding a scepter,  and in its left -- an orb.
Above the eagle's heads is the Cap of Monomakh.  Behind the eagle's back
is a sword with its hilt in the right lower corner and its tip in the
left upper corner of the shield.

§8. The mottoes of RIU-O are "For Faith, Tsar and Homeland" and "God
is with us!"

§9. RIU-O, in its everyday actions, takes it upon itself to promote research about historical Russian and dissemination of this research; its members participate in meetings, conferences, symposia; they publish books, articles, monographs on historical themes.


. RIU-O, in its everyday actions, takes it upon itself to defend and
promulgate Russian Monarchist Thought; its members take part in all
possible Russian and foreign monarchist rallies, meetings, conferences;
they publish corresponding declarations, protests, appeals; they openly
and freely declare their positions on any question that might arise.

§11 . An important goal of RIU-O members is to uphold systematic contacts
and exchange of ideas with all Russian monarchists groups, and also with
foreigners sympathetic to the House of Romanov and the Russian Empire.

§12. In order to achieve the above mentioned goals RIU-O considers it
mandatory to promote the following:

• Religious revival and renewal in Russia;
• Return of the preeminence of the Russian Orthodox Church into the life
of the Russian state and society;
• Instillment into Russians of a strong and loyal monarchist
• Unification of all Russian monarchists around the legitimate Heir to
the Throne and the defense of His Person and the Russian Throne against
any possible attacks;
• Defense of the territorial sovereignty of the Russian Empire.


The highest entity of authority in RIU-O is the SUPREME COUNCIL.
It consists of no more than nine (9) people, who meet whenever the need

 The Supreme Council is empowered to pass resolutions if not less than
2/3 of its members are present.

 A resolution is deemed passed if not less than 2/3 of the members have
approved it.

 In the case of an equal number of votes, the vote of the President
("Chairman of RIU-O") takes preference.

§14. The CHAIRMAN OF RIU-O is designated by the Supreme Council from
among its members, for a two-year term, starting from the 1st of January
of any even year.

 The Chairman of RIU-O has full executive powers.  All orders and
decisions of the Chairman are to be followed and obeyed by all members
of RIU-O, notwithstanding their rank or position.

 The Chairman of RIU-O carries full responsibility for organizational
actions, and reports only to the Supreme Council.

§15. Besides the Chairman, the Supreme Council also designates from
among its members a VICE-CHAIRMAN and a GENERAL SECRETARY, for a
two-year term, starting from the 1st of January of any even year.

§16. The main activities of RIU-O are carried out by its Branch Offices,
whose total number is not limited.

 A Branch Office is headed by a BRANCH CHAIRMAN, who is responsible for
the activities of his Branch and reports directly to the Chairman of

 The Branch Chairman's responsibilities include: adherence to these
By-Laws; execution of any orders from the Supreme Council or other
executives of RIU-O; upkeep of any equipment and accounting of Branch
Office finances; and strict observance of organizational discipline by
all members of his Branch.

§17.    In places where there are not enough interested parties to
organize a Branch Office, an  RIU-O Representative is designated, having
the same responsibilities as a Branch Chairman.

§18. Each Branch Office or Representative organizes activities in its
area depending on surrounding conditions and possibilities.  It is most
important to attempt to develop printing and publishing facilities; to
organize youth groups, historical societies, friends of history groups,
church-parish schools; to sponsor lectures, debates, movies; to
establish close working relationships with representatives of
mass-media; to designate possible recipients of humanitarian aid.

 The above mentioned activities are by no means all-inclusive, but only
determine their general patterns.


Members of RIU-O can be anyone, either sex, who considers
him/herself a Russian and who has attained 16 years of age; he or she
should also espouse the ideals of this organization and must be ready to
adamantly promote them within the organizational structure.

§20. Members of RIU-O are divided in the CADRE and the MOVEMENT.

§21. Cadre members receive a numbered ID card and a gold organizational

§22. Movement members receive a numbered ID card and a silver
organizational pin.

§23. By establishing representatives in all major cities of the world
and by calling upon all Russian monarchists to unite within its ranks,
RIU-O believes that a true Russian patriot continually carries out his
duty to actively fight against the remnants of communist evil, instilled
so deeply into everyday life.  The aspirations of single patriots are
united into one common goal and directed along a unified path.

The above By-Laws have been ratified by the Supreme Council (Board of
Directors) on July 20, 1998.

George Fedoroff
Chairman of RIU-O

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