The last official flag of Imperial Russia was white-blue-red with a black two-headed eagle on a yellow background in the upper left-hand corner; this combination symbolized the union of the Tzar and His people. It was created at the will of the last Emperor, Tzar-Martyr Emperor Nicholas II, during the First World War.  The following excerpt from the journal "Chronicles of War" for the years 1914 -15 describes this event:

     " During these troubled times the sanctity of our nation's soul is upheld by a total and absolute union of its thoughts and feelings with those of the Tzar-Emperor.

     That is why His Imperial Majesty has deemed it necessary to make this fact clearly evident before the whole world; from this day hence, as a sign of the strong union of an Orthodox Tzar and His faithful nation, in the Russian national flag, at the base (flagpole side), between the white and blue stripes (one quarter of the total length of both stripes) the Imperial Standard shall forever be placed (a black two-headed eagle on a gold background).  This should be seen as a sign of love from the Tzar to all His people."

Chronicles of War, No. 4, for September 13, 1914, page 66 .

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